PhD Faculty Election Results

 Wahlergebnisse auf Deutsch

Alltogether 54 PhD students from the geography-, in- and external meteorology-, and various physics institutes contributed to the 2016 election of our internal faculty PhD representatives. Remarkably, many PhD students from external institutes and the institutes of geography took part. The following PhD students have been elected:

34 % Friederike Lilienthal (LIM)
25% Jakob Bullerjahn (ITP)
21% Daniel Mewes (LIM)
19% Stefan Friedländer (EXP II)

Other proposals did not result in elected candidates and one vote had been rejected.

All of us old-new PhD representatives meet on June 28 before the summer break in the bar „Fass“ (Ostplatz) to talk about current affairs such as the new PhD regulations. All of you are invited to join, ask questions and share your thoughts!