Take part

So you know how to support us

Would you like to sit at the other end of the line yourself? Or do you want to support us in public relations, for example? We are always looking for committed new members (NightLions).

To become a NightLion, you will first be invited to an introductory evening. After that, if you are still interested, you can attend a training session that will give you a hands-on understanding of what we do at Nightline.

Plese note that this would be in German, hence we are expected to have many German speaking callers.

Feel free to contact us nightline-leipzig[att]web[dott]de, to find out when we will be offering our next info night and training.

We thank warmly:

- StudentInnen­rat of Universit├Ąt Leipzig (student parliament and political representation)

- Nightline Stiftung (German pendant of the NightLine Association)

- StuRa Med of Uni Leipzig (medicine student representation)

- HTWK Leipzig (the second largest college in Leipzig)

For the strong and financial support! You are important to us :)