Primarily, our service is meant to be from students for students. In principle, however, any person with the need for someone to talk to can call us.

You can talk about anything that’s on your mind. Every concern has its justification – whether small or big. You don’t have to come to us with dramatic problems only, it is enough if you only need someone to talk to. Of course, we also want to feel comfortable during the call and will respect our own personal boundaries during every conversation.

You don’t have to say anything about yourself. If you like to be called by a name, you can just make one up or just tell us your first name.

Yes, no information is passed on to third parties.

We, the Nightline Leipzig, are students of various disciplines who are well prepared for your call through training, regular supervisions and, in some cases, many years of experience.

Look for the section „Take part“ or email us at nightline-leipzig[att]